Areas of expertise

Art & Culture

Working in these areas involves both strong writing skills and broad knowledge. Ragna and Peter have always taken a keen interest in art and culture, and Ragna studied history of art in Vienna before studying languages in London. We bring this high level of interest and many years of both formal and casual study to our translations of catalogues and art criticism.

Marketing & Branding

Global corporations are known to have entire teams devoted to finding the right words for their products in different languages and cultures. We can help you market your products and services in different countries. Whether you want your marketing material translated or simply some advice on part of it.  

Law & Contracts

Accuracy is the key to legal writing. The details have to be right. Peter has been translating contracts, tenancy agreements, judgments and many other legal documents from Scandinavian languages into English for over twenty years.  

Annual Reports

Peter has extensive experience of translating Swedish annual reports into English.

Official translations

Institutions often require certified/authorised/notarised translations of documents such as school-leaving certificates, birth certificates, university degree certificates, etc. Bowen Mueller Translations can do this for you. We offer certification with an ITI seal, the standard requirement in the UK, or a stamp as an authorised translator from the Swedish government, the standard requirement in Sweden.


Translating a patent requires careful attention to detail, while observing the standard conventions for patent writing in English. Over the years, Peter has translated many patents, as well as associated documents in patent proceedings in court. 


Bowen Mueller Translations

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Memberships and Accreditations

The Institute of Translation and InterpretingThe Federation of Authorised Translators in Sweden
Authorised translator from Swedish into English
The Institute of Translation and Interpreting
The Federation of Authorised Translators in Sweden
The Swedish Association of Professional Translators